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What Cape CFD offers

Cape CFD is a specialised computational fluid dynamics practice based in Cape Town, South Africa. We supply contract CFD services to clients when required. However, given the specialised nature of the client's research, design and development process, our contribution is typically most valuable when we can work with the client to integrate CFD into his engineering process.

CFD Contracting

In cases where the client is not in a position to set up his own CFD facility, we offer contract analysis work, using mostly commercial software and our own hardware facilities.

Assistance with setting up a CFD facility

In practice, the usefulness of contract CFD ("selling numbers") is limited. CFD can be an expensive way of obtaining numbers. However, CFD often adds most value when it is used together with existing methods, such as wind-tunnel or tow-tank testing. Cape CFD will assist the client in setting up a CFD facility and integrating it with existing research and engineering processes.

"The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers" - Dr. Theodore Kehl