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Services Offered

Contract CFD

We have experience in a wide variety of commercial and open-source CFD software, such as CFD-Geom, CFD-Ace, CFD-Fastran, CFD-View, IcemCFD, Gridgen, CFX, Fluent, Cobalt, Comet, StarCCM+, XFoil, Flowlogic, Cmarc/pmarc, Paraview, Fieldview, OpenFOAM and snappyHexMesh. The various meshing programs and solvers all have their own strengths and weaknesses, and the requirements of the task at hand will be used to determine the most appropriate choice of software.


Many industrial CFD problems can be satisfactorily solved with automatically generated unstructured meshes. However, this is not universally true. For certain classes of flow, such as low speed aerodynamics and free surface volume of fluid (VOF) flows, hexahedral meshing is more or less essential. Building hexahedral meshes for complex geometries is a particularly specialised task, but even unstructured meshing can require an expert hand. We have a great deal of experience in this field, and can assist the client with the selection of suitable software and meshing methodology. Alternatively, Cape CFD will develop the appropriate meshes under contract.

Integrating CFD into existing processes

When used in isolation, CFD has limited intrinsic value. However, when combined with a client's existing research, design or development processes, CFD can be extremely valuable. Integrating CFD with existing processes is not a simple task, but we do have a lot of experience in this field.